Majestic Oaks Nursery Barn and Silo

We use advanced horticultural principles and techniques
in the production of plants for ecological restoration.

Majestic Oaks Nursery sits on 105 beautiful acres in far northeast Illinois just a couple of miles from the Wisconsin state line. Here we produce over 60 different species of plants that are native to the Chicagoland area and the northern Midwest.

We produce almost all of our plants from seed that has been collected here on the farm or within just a few miles. We feel that provenance is extremely important to the long term success of a plant. But it's not just what we grow but how we grow it. Majestic Oaks is a certified RootMaker® grower.

This system uses a unique method of air rootpruning to achieve a much more fibrous root system. This root system provides for greater transplantabilty.

Our production methods allow us to offer material in several different sizes from one gallon to five gallon and up to 3" caliper and larger. Take the tour to see how the whole process works from germination to finished plant.

RootMaker II

RootMaker® II Propagation Containers

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